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Template Module Position layout

Each Mambo template will have a different module position available to display specific modules in various locations for the template. When you download the Mambo web design from the members area instructions will be available to advise you about what module postions you need to set up for each template. Please read and make a note of the module postions for each design.

To display a module in a specific location complete the following

1)From the administrator console select Modules and Site Modules
2)A list of available modules will now be displayed.
3)From here you can setup the module positions for the template.
As noted above each template uses specific module positions to display the content /
modules for the design. Again please make a note of the module position the design is
using for future reference.

For example if you download the Blogger_red template you will see the following instructions to define the module positions plus the CLASS SUFFIX settings.

The Blogger red design is using the following module and CLASS SUFFIX settings.

Top is set to the Top menu module position and is using the CLASS SUFFIX for both menu class and module class -top
Also the top menu position will use the menu style of ? flat list ?
Left module position is using the mainmenu position.
The CLASS SUFFIX for both menu class and module class is -left
module is using the user1 module position CLASS SUFFIX of -left
Search module is using user3 position CLASS SUFFIX is using -search

You need to select the relevant module position and set them to the correct module position as per the above module position specifications. Also note some modules may need to display the title.

For more information please refer to the template install guide which you can download from the members area.
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