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Installing a Mambo Template

To install a Mambo web design template please complete the following.

1) Access the members area of the web site.
2) Download the Mambo template zip file.
3) Access your Mambo administrator console
4) From the administrator console complete the following
5) Select Installers / Templates ? Site option.
6) Make sure the following directories have the correct permissions before installing the template.

media/ Writeable
administrator/templates/ Writeable
templates/ Writeable
images/stories/ Writeable

7) Now select browse and select the
8) Select the Upload file & install button
9) The mambo template will now be automatically installed for you.
10) To confirm if the template is installed correctly complete the following.
11) Select Site / Template Manager and Site Templates
12) A list of templates will now be displayed and the template you have just installed will also be displayed.
13) You now need set the template as the Default site template
14) To set the template as the default site template select the radio button next to the new template and click on the Default icon. Now preview your Mambo web site and the new web design will now be available.

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